On a mission to become the most sustainable coffee brand on the planet.

As part of Blank Street’s mission to reimagine the coffee experience from the ground up, one of our goals is to be the most sustainable coffee brand on the planet.


The very first experience we launched was a modern take on the iconic New York coffee cart. The cart created by Max Crespo, founder of EV foods, is the first completely electric — zero emissions and zero sound — mobile unit powered by a battery instead of toxic and highly pollutant generators coupled with dangerous propane tanks. For each battery-powered cart we operate, we eliminate the equivalent of 200 vehicles worth of Greenhouse Gases, air pollutants and C02 emissions annually. Also, since the battery provides a massive power upgrade, we were able to fit the necessary equipment (from high-end espresso machines to our internet routers & PoS system) to power a specialty coffee shop in a 5x10 ft micro-space, no different than one in a larger coffee shop.


Since launching we’ve doubled down on our sustainability mission through a wide range of initiatives: from sourcing 100% eco-friendly packaging across our all our cups (compostable), napkins (recyclable), and bags (recyclable); composting our coffee grounds via Domino Park; and designing our uniforms with post-consumer materials. Lately, we’ve also started taking steps to completely offset our wider carbon footprint across our entire supply chain, from the sourcing of the coffee we choose, to our supplier’s freight networks, and the electricity used to power our entire operation.


Continuing on our goal to be carbon neutral, we decided to start purchasing carbon credits to offset the rest of our carbon footprint from the normal course of business. It may seem crazy, but we calculated the most accurate possible measure of our monthly footprint (measured in tonnes of C02e) and then doubled that figure to make sure we’re covering sources of emissions we might be missing. Since our carbon footprint grows as our business grows, we used that total figure and averaged it across the total number of items we sold to come up with an average weight of emissions per item we sell. That figure comes close to ~1 KG of C02E / item, which is the equivalent of 2.4 miles of transport for the average passenger vehicle. Since the number is still a rough estimate, we are continuously refining our calculations every quarter and more importantly taking highly actionable steps in reducing our average weight of emissions as we grow.

You enjoy Blank Street ☕️ and we save the trees 🌳

As part of our commitment to create a better coffee experience for you and our planet, we are committing to funding at least 1KG of C02E for every item we sell, which is the equivalent amount of carbon offset per the average seedling tree in the rainforest in a single year. In other words, for every item we sell, we are offsetting the same amount of carbon as a newly planted tree in a single year.

We are working with Pachama, a company focused on using carbon offsets to prevent deforestation around the world. Pachama’s projects are certified to comply with best-in-class protocols and standards, including the Verified Carbon Standard and Gold Standard. Pachama verifies that the projects we invest in have the positive environmental impact necessary to offset the carbon emissions from our entire operation. Pachama also makes sure that its carbon offset projects protect endangered forests.

So in summary — Blank Street is a neighborhood coffee shop that cares about people and the planet — and we hope you’ll continue to help us make a difference.

To a better future,

Blank Street Team

Small-format coffee shop with big dreams.

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Blank Street

Blank Street

Small-format coffee shop with big dreams.

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